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I would love this video! I would agree that a lot of the bottled ‘organic’ nutrient lines are not great for the environment, but based on my background in sustainable agriculture I know that by using techniques like Korean natural farming/permaculture principles with inputs such as bokashi compost/worm castings/seabird guano you can create high quality produce while being pretty sustainable. I would be interested to see content about your opinion on nutrients for sure! Thanks again for all the answers

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Don’t need a scientist to answer this one; start seeds indoors under grow lights in March, or as early as jan-feb to get a jumpstart. Once they’re 6-12in tall, switch the lighting to 12 hours on/12 hours off for one or two days before switching back to make them show sex, or you can send off leaf clippings to any number of labs to sex. Then, once you know which ones are female, prepare your beds to plant by Late april - mid June depending on weather. Personally, I start em in feb-March to plant by may-June. Zone 5b 👍🏻

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Hey Bruce! Love the videos you’ve put out, very informative. Thinking about taking your course to round out my experience growing cannabis with a scientific understanding of the plant.

• what is your opinion on the most effective IPM throughout both veg and flower? As in organic sprays like spinosad/eco-1 from arbico organics, predatory mites/nematodes, etc.

• what is your opinion on living soil? I know you prefer half peat half vermiculite, but the industry is seeing a shift towards solventless extracts and living soil/no till flower capturing a higher cost vs hydro/salt grown plants.

• do you have a set feeding schedule/favorite nutrient line? These days I do roughly 80% organic feed (pre amending soil before planting with organic inputs/brewed compost teas/recharge/mammoth microbes) but do supplement with some traditional salts and amendments in the reservoir (Jack’s 3-2-1 and Epsom salts), so I would say I’m 80/20 organic/inorganic. Would love to hear your thoughts on feeding in soil vs inert media.

• any opinion on the new LED bar style lights that offer 3 way spectrum control (white/red & IR/blue & UV)?

• what is your favorite strain to grow/consume, or do you just love the study of this plant? Curious what varieties you guys grow out in your studies, and if you rotate them based on what’s available or if you have your own breeding program, or a stash of old seeds.

Thanks for doing this! Hope you’re having a great day.

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Thanks for taking the time to answer! If you have the time to elaborate on any of the other queries, wonderful. If not, I am also on r/budscience, looking forward to maybe seeing you around that sub. Keep doing the good work!