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reznovskaya35 karma

Hi Rob. Let me say that I loooove your work. Especially the nin design and the video for the black queen.

Two questions: One for you and one that'll piss you off I guess because it's the typical nin fan question stuff.

Q1: As an artist you had the tools (ideas and abilities) for High Level but I'd be interested how you approached the project itself. I mean, creating glitch art and telling a story in a comic are pretty different. Did you study comic books from a different POV or did you have someone who helped you on your first steps?

Q2: regarding nin/trent - I'd just be interested how trent (and you when it was your work) felt about fans using nin stuff and trent pics for photoshops, shitposts etc. Trent approved remixes of his songs on nin.com a while ago before it went away but how did he feel about the same thing with pictures?

Hope you're doing great and have an awesome week.

reznovskaya8 karma

Yeah I guess the remix culture went from music to visual art too with tools like photoshop and the meme phenomenon.
Thanks for your answer.

Can't wait to read you book when it arrives and hope to see more from you in the future.

All the best to you.