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Actually if a Muslim has some Quranic text that needs to be discarded they are not supposed to throw it in the trash, but BURNING it is permitted. So the irony is that burning the Quran was probably not as offensive as that idiot pastor in Florida would have liked. :)

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$20 per 1000 views? Is that for real or just an exaggerated example? That is WAY higher than I ever imagined. I was thinking like $0.10 per 1000 views.

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What is something you will really miss not being able to see clearly?

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Thanks for posting this. I am a young Muslim father of 4 and sincerely pray we have the same relationship with our kids as you do with your parents. Inshallah (God willing). I think the important thing is mutual respect and giving our kids the room to make decisions AND mistakes - we can't micro-manage their lives.

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Wise choice