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No - TopResume offered to buy our user's emails addresses but we told them no

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Hey yea I don't believe in cost as a barrier to employment for the unemployed - it just doesn't make sense. So, a free account allows each user to have one resume on their account. If the user likes Rezi, they can upgrade to Rezi Pro for a few bucks every month to have unlimited resumes. Also there is a review service built into the dashboard too.

In the future, we will work towards a marketplace similar to Vettery where we can leverage our connections with cool companies to get our users hired with less friction.

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Selling email addresses is not a business model that is worth pursuing in the long run. If we sell data in a way that betrays the trust of our users, our company's integrity becomes highly questionable.

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Short run, it's a hard. I've personally had to go through a lot of sacrifice as a result of the decision not to focus on profit. But long run it is worth it, no question.