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How hard is it to give “fair” coverage to something you against?

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  • Any stories of customers coming back to you to tell you how happy they are with the car or how shitty the car has been?
  • What is the best part and worst part of working for MB dealership?
  • What is the turnover rate for sales people, how long does the average person last?
  • What percentage do you get per sale, and how much do you make in a year?

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How do you get paid?

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What's the highest mileage and/or oldest Jaguar and Land Rover you have seen come into the shop? And what service was needed at that age and mileage?

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With the assumption that everyone and every news organization has a bias to them, what do you think your bias is, and what do you think NPR's bias might be? *I don't mean bias in the pejorative, I mean bias in the sense of favoring a certain POV.