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How is your son doing friends-wise?

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From your FAQ:

In the future we may make money through affiliate programs similar to coupon and rebate sites or through other innovative programs that help you save even more time and money.

On some sites there is a limit to the amount of promo codes that can be used at any given time. If Honey got into the rebate affiliate business, would you have the extension use your own rebate codes instead of others even if yours is not the best?

Also, what are you doing with the cookies you collect? And what are you doing to safeguard all the information you're gathering? I'm very tempted to give this extension a try, and I know there's only so much you can do with what I assume to be a limited budget, but I'm kind of wary of willingly or unknowingly giving you the keys to my kingdom (so to speak).

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We don't collect or drop any cookies.

But from your FAQ...

We collect automatically generated information such as log data, cookies, device information, data about the success or failure of codes applied to your cart, and some other information collected by Google Analytics.

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Our governor here in Georgia is considering it for purely fiscal reasons, so I think there is indeed some common ground (with different premises) that are starting to come to light.

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Finding articles about it probably won't be too hard, but I do remember Deal mentioning he was open to the idea of appraising the sentencing laws for non-violent drug crime to see if there was a way to cut costs. Which is basically the "safest" way to say you want to work towards decriminalization, in my opinion, especially in this state.

The Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court has also come out in favor of re-evaluating minimum sentencing requirements, mostly for fiscal reasons but also to cut down on recidivism and overcrowding.

So I think the possibility is there within the next decade. Just keep writing your state senator and representative about it, provide them with facts and research data regarding the safety of marijuana, tell them about the benefits of industrial hemp in almost every sector (including agriculture!), let them know about the "Portugal Experiment", and so on. Do the same for people running for local election in your county/town since they also wield some influence on the Capitol.