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Yo you are getting *dragged* for this. Can you tell me how your service is different than me just sending a postcard to a random address? How is it $10 worth of different? You promise to make donations, are you willing to commit to a percentage? How do I know you're not gonna donate a dollar and keep the rest?

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so fresh croutons with dip. sounds like a pretty fantastic way to sop up that one beer too many

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I'll throw in 7 if you send him a PDF or audio edition of the book

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The Heart She Holler was one of my favorite works of yours. Any chance of doing any more work with PFFR, with adult swim, or in generally more experimental TV?

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Were there any parts of the show that seemed to diverge from what happened in your experience or gave definitive answers to events that are still in question? Only asking because it seems like everything that was never answered in real life came down on the side of the Davidians in the show. Gov't shot first during the initial raid, constantly lied about events, claimed there was shooting during the offensive that started the fire when there clearly wasn't, etc. I wholeheartedly believe a lot of the above-mentioned assumptions were accurate, but I'm asking whether the show was accurate in portraying the eagerness to use deadly force on both sides.