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How do you find former inmates for your staff—do they come to you through a referral program or do you post the jobs online, or...something else?

Also, congratulations! Rehabilitation and restoration of people who have criminal backgrounds is a special passion of mine and I love stories like yours!

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I recently lost my job (and thus, my health insurance) due to profound anxiety issues. I’ve been struggling to get out of the cycle of petrified procrastination since (even filing for unemployment is too daunting as the last time I was on it, I made a mistake and had to pay back tons of money). In addition, I don’t want to go back to doing what I did before because it really exacerbates my anxiety, to the point I’ve started to have medical issues from it.

My question is: what do you recommend to get out of this feedback loop of inability to act so that I can make some kind of progress with getting back on my feet? I’m scared if I don’t do something soon I may lose my apartment, which would make everything exponentially worse.

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Does anyone ever ask you about Herman’s Head? That was a neat show.

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In your opinion, is the current situation fixable or should we just move to countries that aren't treating it as a profit-machine?

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You seem very positive. What makes you happy if/when it all feels like too much to handle?