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Another technique: use your non-dominant hand to open doors, take groceries off shelves in stores, etc. - because you are less likely to touch your face with that non-dominant hand. - Nancy

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Am I worried myself? Yes! But I'm a doctor and patients need care - that's part of the job. - Eric

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The low case count in a densely populated country may reflect a lack of testing for the virus, rather than a lack of infected people. - Nancy

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Most epidemic modeling suggests that up to a third of the population may be infected in a first pandemic "wave" -- with no interventions -- so it all depends on human actions. - Christine

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Any virus can evolve over time and it's most typical for them to become "weaker" - cause less severe disease. The new SARS-CoV-2 virus is so far very stable, so there is no concern that it will become more virulent than it already is. - Christine