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Hi Doc! I have a few questions. What are the common long term outcomes of spinal fusion in scoliosis patients? What are the reasons you feel it should be utilized as a last resort? What are some ways to keep pain to a minimum if one has had a spinal fusion? Also, when a corrective surgery IS performed on a scoliosis patient, why are they not corrected to a higher degree? (Mine was corrected to 22*, I’ve seen many others who have have corrective surgery and it never seems to be corrected so that the spine is straight or nearly so) Lastly, as a top specialist in your field, do you feel that research supports the use of bracing? What other tools are utilized to avoid surgery?

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Thank you so much for answering so many! Your answers were helpful.

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Also, is it common (post op) for the back to deteriorate at a faster rate, resulting in osteophytes and arthritis? Is there any fix for osteophytes in the SI region?

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Oh! Also, do you feel that strategic stretching and strengthening of muscles surrounding the spine can help prevent curvatures from progressing?