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It sneaked up there by itself really, and then I told 'a few' people online about it and it snowballed a little. It's a mystery what works and what doesn't in marketing for me. I thought it was enough to write the story and peope would see it. Nobody ever told me that you had to talk to people and push the book. Imgur got behind the whole thing an I think that generated a lot of interest too.

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I hope he at least notices so that I can say thanks for inspiring me to pick up a pen in the first place. When I write it's a lifetime of his books that give me a sense of what sounds good on a page and what doesn't.

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No not yet! :)

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The Talisman by SK because you don't just read it. You feel like you went along for the ride with Jack. Killing Floor by Lee Child. Couldn't put it down. Like reading a movie. And The Martian by Andy Weir. Showing us that we can do it.

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Yes of course. I am in a spot with little internet connection so it may go quiet here and there but I will answer questions for the next 12 hours! :)