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Hey Aisha, this was a thing that has been rattling around my brain for a while, and here's a good a place as any to say it.

When I listen to, or see you talk about being a gamer as a woman who is also black, I remember Hooper from Chasing Amy: "I gotta deal with being a minority from a minority of a minority." I almost feel like being an average white guy gamer that I can't really express or be thankful that you're around without sounding condescending or some such thing. But I am thankful, because you're a voice we need, badly, in gaming culture.

There's a bunch of us out there that get how fucking awful this scene can be, especially on a person who puts themselves out there. Your attitude has been inspirational for me in trying to be a better person.

So, thank you for this.

(Also... Danger Zone)

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It's lucky I'm so incredibly handsome, otherwise the visual would be ruined.

Seriously, thanks. You rule.

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Just a note: it shouldn't change the way you approach creepers. Do not consider them failed pigs.

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He'll do that in another comment for more ad revenue.


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They're using S3 as well, which probably brings the distribution cost down to very low per unit.