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This is a good first questions. :)

Here is the short answer

1) If you have "late" credit cards or loans, we can help you settle those accounts for less than you owe
2) If you have "current" accounts, we can help enroll you in low-interest hardship programs that allow you to focus on paying down the debt versus interest
3) We provide a debt expert to answer all of your debt questions (like this)
4) We help you track and monitor your income and expenses
5) We provide you a credit report each month so you can track your progress to get out of debt

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Zero, but we plan to start in the future and there are many antiquated regulatory rules that interfere with solving financial distress.

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Oh. This could be a really long answer. The short answer is yes, the system is broken. One should not need to go deep into debt to get ahead in life. I'm not optimistic that a "fix" is on the horizon while our two-party political system is getting more and more extreme. I'm come back to this one with some more thoughts...

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Lost job or reduced hours.

Medical issues either personal or family related


Poor financial decisions (ie buying stuff you should not buy, spending more than you make)

Not understanding the "deal" a bank offers (0% apr for x months) - this is a big issue in our opinion

These days...Covid.

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Currently, Resolve is a paid membership, but we allow our members to select how much they pay us each month. You'll also have the opportunity to give our team "tips" if you are happy with the service your receive. In terms of the steps, it really depends on your specific situation. Most people come to Resolve with very low credit scores and multiple "late" accounts. In that case, we start by getting those late accounts paid off by getting settlement offers for less than they owe