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Don't worry, the 1hr mandated sensitivity training cured said employee of his lifelong prejudices.

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Man, this reminds me: I really need to go see an optometrist.

My vision was fine at your age, but now I have to use the zoom function on my phone to see parts of the whiteboard that aren't directly in front of me, even though I sit in the front of the class.

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Have you heard of WebAIM (https://webaim.org/)? When I used to do freelance web development, I subscribed to their mailing list, and it was really enlightening. Accessibility technology/standards have existed for a while now, but very few developers bother with them unless they work in a sector where accessibility compliance is legally required, resulting in the web being a lot less usable than it could be. It's a real shame.

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In CS there's been a decline since the mid 80s that's simply slowed down and leveled off in the past 15 years. No noticeable recovery yet. Just holding steady at below 20%.