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Robert Elswit said that you’re a big fan of accidents on set. What was your favorite accident during filming and did you feel threatened or pressurized by it? Also, have you ever met Thomas Pynchon? P.S You’re my favorite director in the whole world

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How profitable is your business? Are you interested in entrepreneurship fulltime?

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What is your favorite place in CO? I've always wanted to see Maroon Bells and I can't wait to finally visit your state!

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How do you feel about this picture you posted on r/pics that drew a lot of backlash?

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Hey Beto, you've talked extensively about providing a pathway to citizenship for people who are currently DACA recipients. While I understand granting citizenship to people who were brought here unwillingly and really deserve it, you've said you wanted to expand it to their parents as well. Is your solution to the immigration crisis to just hand out citizenship to whoever crosses the border illegally? This doesn't feel fair to people who had to pay thousands of dollars to become Americans.