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Are there wall-to-wall buildings? As we've seen in the movies so far it's mostly the 'open' American-style architecture, no European or American urban (eg. brownstones) style buildings. Have you incorporated other styles in the game as well?

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Apparently there's code for bicycles in the patch, will these be added?


if (info.m_vehicleType == VehicleInfo.VehicleType.Bicycle)

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Even better: Precision Engineering

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Technically this was Germany's first championship ;)

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Regarding performance. A few questions, although the last one is less important (and I'm not sure you can answer it anyway).

First: How did you do performance testing? Do you have certain scripts that populate games with hundreds of objects? Or do you let QA play long games?

Second: What is the main performance issue in Flash, is it the handling of sprites, background calculations, I/O, memory usage, etc.?

Third: My girlfriend is an avid Farmville player (level 190 or something), but Farmville is quite slow and bogs down, when playing. No doubt because of the gazillion animals, trees and whoknowswhat on that screen. Do you have any secret tips how to improve it? Eg. "play short sessions so the cache doesn't fill up", "use browser X or Y", "the games are heavily cpu/memory/fairydust dependent so improve that", etc?