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I would like to let the non-Hasidic and Hasidic community know that when I visited Israel years ago for a wedding, at the bachelor party in a strip club there was a bloc of Hasidic dudes, in full regalia of course. They were regulars. It was surreal.

They were unquestionably the nastiest dudes in there. And we were there for a bachelor party.

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Not sure if they still do, but that neighborhood had a chasidic sort of police/neighborhood guard force back in the 90s. Those guys do not fuck around, either. One of my friends had the absolute shit beaten out of him by some Orthodox hometown heros years ago. I would actually be careful with open breastfeeding around there- as family oriented as they are, they want absolute separation of the sexes.

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By your own statement- I do not believe that the statement 'treated equally' holds water.

From my experience, there are gender barriers that are not to be transcended within the orthodox, and it is straight up sexist. I met my friend who went Chasidic's wife (I wasn't invited to the wedding): she wouldn't make eye contact with me, much less shake my hand. She pretended not to know my name. Frankly, it broke my heart. He was one of my closest friends, and orthodoxy perhaps permanently broke that bond, although he's relaxed his beliefs. I'm still sad, and its been decades.

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Usually these kinds of “live” shows are on 5-30 second delays so the know when to cut to a different angle or pan to someone else. That’s how the “live” shows are still able to bleep fucks.

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The only problem with that is you'd be living in central Florida.