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I live in the same area and also grow seeds. We sell to a variety of seed companies. The local commune-run one is Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, but it makes sense to diversify who you sell to. Sometimes you can grow the same crop for two different companies, sometimes you can get a better price on certain crops from elsewhere, sometimes you want a bigger grow-out (you get paid per ounce or pound of seed) from a company that has more annual throughput of that crop. Anyway, other seed companies we both sell to include Fedco, Sow True, Baker Creek, and Seed Saver's Exchange.

We made a small, farmer-direct seed company together, along with another neighbor, a few years ago. Common Wealth Seed Growers. This gives us a better price for our seed and, unlike the contract system used by most seed companies, doesn't inherently incentivize shoddy crop standards to get more money. It compensates us financially for doing breeding work we'd like to be doing anyway, where we take crop varieties that we like and improve them for our climate or other purposes.