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I remember this OP, Hi /u/ENS_patient this also concerns you /u/cannitbe

This person chronically reposts this thread, this is the first one that has become "popular". I've talked to them in the past, on this very same topic. they continue flat out lying about this condition, without ever being able to reference a medical document that proves what they state. everything they claim medically is complete bullshit

In the past they have stated that the fact that their nasal turbinates were removed causes them severe heart (???) and lung pain. They claimed it was because of the cold air - They were unable to explain how in the world would cold air cause pain in your heart and they were also unable to explain why do other people that do breathe through their mouth on a constant basis (like i do for example) not experience any crippling lung pain.

What they claim in this thread is something new entirely, suddenly theyre "operating on 5% energy" because their nose was fucked up. even if we made him into a voldemort and removed his nose entirely it still wouldnt be true. I love that they claim that nose has something to do with making air "processeable" for the lungs. So if i tape my nose shut i should start suffocating and even if i dont, i should be completely unable to do any sports if i only get 5% of oxygen compared to what im "supposed" to get, in fact id literally be actively dying if that was the case. Oh and lets not forget that the mouth is a much bigger "hole" to pull air through, compared to two nostrils, if anything then via mouth you would get more oxygen, not less. - their bullshit doesnt even make sense on a purely logical level, and god forbid we take into account actual studies done (one of which you even linked!!!)

they also do opiates, weed, and if i remember correctly have done other drugs like cocaine/heroine, and im sure it has nothing to do with their low energy or pain, after all overdosing on drugs is safe.

Also lets not forget of their edits to this post:

Edit: I peaked at 9 points and now I'm getting down-voted. The people that did this to me are a large medical organization that gave me this disease doing unscientifically proven surgeries on me against my will and with no informed consent. I wish I could tell more people, but this surgical procedure is very profitable for hospitals and medical industries, they sign want to stop doing it. I appreciate people's interest so far, but this will probably get buried again.

haha. tinfoil hat to maximum.

Edit I went to bed last night and woke up with a lot more questions. I also woke up feeling pretty intense suffocation I think because I was trying to do yoga the last two days to try and heal my sinuses. This feeling of suffocation is pretty horrible. Before I answer some of these questions I want to make it clear some of my assertions are from my own subjective experience, others from research done trying to fix what happened to me. Whatever the medical industry "professionals" on here and legal experts tell you, you still have the right to make your own conclusions

haha. because yoga is gonna heal those sinuses. a completely unrelated exercise that has nothing to do with nose, is gonna heal his nose. Yeah. Top tier thinking.

I've felt what its like suffocating and not being able to catch a breath even as you try to breathe, and there are a few things that can cause a feeling of suffocation and weakness, but a fucking nose surgery is not one of those things.

I'm sure they have something, but its not ENS.

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So your proof of everything you say is an image that says it takes a while for you to shit? really? thats the best proof you were able to come up with?

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as if any of their other edits look good lol.

I already reported those gofundme edits an hour or two ago when i first saw them, as they clearly break the rules of the sub

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Lol i remember linking that ncbi link to them a year ago. they werent able to explain it.

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people with this condition tend to still have 2 ovaries, each is connected to one uterus.