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Could somebody speak to medication burnout? I've seen lots of remarks about that being an issue, where efficacy just drops over time. How can one tell if that is starting to happen?

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very helpful thank you! I recently made the decision to start moving away from it, so far so good. Shoutout to /r/leaves for inspiration and support.

I have a pretty good setup for my home life and job for a while now, but I've always struggled with consistent exercise. Any recommendations / what works for you?

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I am interested in becoming a researcher as it seems to suit my personality and abilities well. My partner is working on a doctorate, but when she's done it may be my turn to work on some higher ed, or just straight to a research and development role. How have you all, especially those living with BP (and ADHD) made it, and is it a satisfying career path for you?

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Tom, thank you so much for sharing. Your interview video was remarkably helpful. As a fellow music gear addict I can REALLY empathize. If there were a 'cure' for Bipolar I think Sweetwater would go out of business. I've spent time than I care to admit researching music gear, impulse buying, and looking for recording spaces. Yet, I have recorded almost NOTHING.
Your story about your career path is really remarkable; props to your persistence through some wholly difficult experiences. Its also stark to note how broken the academic system is accommodating its own. Your candor is powerful and inspiring!