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firstly they were only elected in with ~30% of votes (thats a different issue altogether though)

They insist they're not trying to privatise the NHS, despite effectively reducing the funding (relative to inflation) and award contracts to private companies despite better proposals from the NHS

I think a large reason they want to privatise the NHS is that they don't see how it can be profitable and that selling it off would reduce taxes and provide the treasury with a small profit boost.

I also don't believe many Tories in the cabinet have really been in an NHS hospital as a patient, I think 80% of them are from rich backgrounds where they could afford private healthcare and can't see why others don't want to.

There is also the fact that members of the cabinet have relatives and connections on the board of companies who stand to gain lots of money from privatisation. That and said companies also donated a lot of money to the conservative party to help finance them.

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l really like last year's Megalodons kit, or the Olympians kit. The team France kit is also very good,

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Which kit is your favourite?

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It is