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When did you start developing this? Did you create this with a team or is this your own refined strategy?

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Did you think about doing one for the pandemic year? It’s been a tough one.

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Tandy 1000 sx Mic=dropped

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This. This right here.

Your book points out that we’ve stripped civility from our conversations and that’s a sad loss but I think it’s much worse: Democracy asks us to be knowledgeable about the people running for office and understand what they do after they are elected. Trump has effectively silenced the discussions that help us inform each other and stamp out misinformation. Instead of correcting our uncles at Thanksgiving when they say the Mexicans are taking our jobs or Tennessee is basically under Sharia law we just ignore it for the sake of keeping the peace. but we have to stop doing that. we have to start talking about politics again and really arming ourselves with information.

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Can’t believe no one else has asked- What on earth is badgersâso?