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47 Lamborghinis

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Roughly 1-5%.

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I look at the top app charts almost everyday to have a look at what people are downloading these days. That gives me a good idea of what people would want. I actually don't make that many apps anymore. When I started, I made almost anything I could think of. That's because I was chasing every dollar that I could get, and also it let me try out different marketing approaches. Now I just create things that would make my own life easier. For example, I create the Remote S for Tesla app, because I wanted to make a better app than Tesla made. I have a hunch for when an app would be successful by how often I would use the app myself, and I would get feedback from customers as well so that I could constantly make the app better until they liked it.

My upbringing probably made me more generous because I knew what it was like to struggle growing up. Even back then, it pained me to see someone struggle financially when I couldn't help them out financially myself. Now that I can do something about it, I do what I can. Plus, I noticed that spending money on myself doesn't make me as happy as I can make someone else happy with the same amount of money.

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College indirectly taught me how to learn other coding languages on my own. This is because I was too busy with my side business creating mods for online video games to sell. And I didn't have enough time to go sit and listen in the classes. So instead, I had to do all the homework by reading the textbook myself. I got into the habit of reading the textbook and learning everything without a lecturer showing me how it's done. And then I basically developed the skills to learn things on my own. And that helped me learn app coding on my own when the App Store came out shortly after I graduated.

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I have a computer science and engineering degree from UCLA.