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reesesfeces3 karma

Hey, I used to watch Katie's youtube videos. You guys rock!

What was it like switching from documentaries to narratives? Did you guys write this as well as direct it?

Is it too soon to ask what your next project might be?

reesesfeces1 karma

Hey, it sucks that you're getting ripped off and investing your time and talent in a product that maybe 1% of it's viewers actually pay for. You are without a doubt a victim. It is not your fault, and people that don't pay for your porn are terrible people, and the people who are profiting from ads on illegally uploaded porn are obviously even more terrible.

  • Is the 1% of people who pay enough to keep the industry afloat? Do you see the porn industry dying because of this?

  • Do you support the companies that accidently out in the closet gay teens by mailing their parents court summons for illegally downloading erotic materials?

  • What has been the industry's response to piracy? What do you think an appropriate response might be?