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The home I picked for my brother's cremation was picked over the phone. I was in a different country at the time. I chose him because he was simply kind, personable, and sounded like a grandfather. The idea of strangers handling my brother was really upsetting, but I really felt that he would take care of my him. My mom met him at the home and he walked her through the process and then told her it would be done that day. She freaked out a bit and said, "no, you don't understand, it can't be today. I was here today!" She can't even tell you why she felt that way, but she did. Sure enough, he waited til the next day. I was the one who picked up the ashes and meeting him in person just confirmed everything I'd thought.

I'm sure it was just another day for him. I'm sure he doesn't even remember my brother or my family, but we will never forget him. What you do is truly invaluable.

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I'm a non-JW with a JW friend who is really struggling with her faith (not in God, but in the church itself). How can I support her?

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My sister was pregnant when she found out she is a carrier. She had my niece on December 26th and the wait time on the test for the baby is two months. She is out of her mind with fear. Is there anything you might be able to say to make her feel better?

Edit: annnd you're in surgery. I can read good. Wish you luck!

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They didn't necessarily expect the same cost-wise, but an average of 70% price difference is too much to justify shopping there.