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What's your opinion on how reversible pre-diabetes is? I've added a lot of exercise and changed my diet to be lower carb / less grains and sugar, and while I do so my blood glucose stays in check.

However, despite these changes, bad food (wheat, rice, etc) will still spike me to the 160-170 range.

Do you think I'm just not doing enough to improve insulin sensitivity, or do pancreatic beta cells already start dying in the pre-diabetic stage?

I know most ancient civilizations never saw any metabolic disease at all, and I imagine that some combination of genetics (or epigenetics) and poor diet in my youth lead to this.

I've maintained an A1C of 5.5 for around 7-8 years now, but 1 hour post-prandial spikes are still in an unacceptable range for any food that I want to cheat on once in a while!

Obviously feel free to answer in a general sense and not as a diagnosis for me.