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If that is the case, then Ross Ulbricht fell hook, line, and sinker for quite a masterful exit scam.

What leads you to conclude that they were all the same person? I recall you being a lot more circumspect in your book on the Silk Road.

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Hi Eileen!

Do you think lucydrop and Tony76 were the same person? Absent a confession from the individual(s) involved, what would one need to know to figure that out?

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Have you considered the very likely possibility that you'll have an accident or some other mechanical malady and not end up being able to deliver it?

This seems less like charitable giving and more like wanting us to fund your holiday. If you were serious about doing good, you'd put it on a truck / train and donate your travel budget (which is more than the vehicle) to some reputable charity

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Might be mistaken, but Dutch and Afrikaans are mutually intelligible languages