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Did you lose money due to the police harassment?

That is what I'm curious about. Those random pull-overs... it sounds like they put out some sort of unofficial all-cars alert on this guy. Talk about your injustice.

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Love as we know it does not exist without "economic hues." To think that it does is naive at best.

Also, the person you're replying to is ridiculously describing Luke as "goose stepping" - the passage does not portray him in that light at all, but rather as another cog in their social machine, who happens to be male and thus empowered by the new legislation.

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Thanks for doing this! What's unique about your milling process? How do you upkeep your looms, and is the cost of servicing high? I imagine there aren't a lot of craftsmen that specialize in older tech of that kind, so do you have an in-house repair team?

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This is extremely interesting, thank you. Why can't modern looms produce a selvedge? I've been buying fabric for a long time and there's usually a natural looking edge that I consider the "selvedge" side for cutting/matching purposes - is that a different phenomenon than the selvedge you're creating?

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...as opposed to being a plain old racist like the rest of them. Gah, what a fucked up situation.