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That's so odd, I've never heard anyone else linking smell and headaches before. I don't think smells bring on a headache or migraine for me but if I have a headache or migraine I'm so sensitive to smells, if I get a strong scent the pain gets so much worse. Interesting to know other people have links between those too.

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Where would you say is the best place to learn about anonymous? I mean in terms of its history, how it started, who did what and when, what the goals are, etc. I've always known about anonymous but I've never fully understood exactly what it is I don't think.

Also, I saw in another comment that you said that having to keep your secret was really bad for your mental health. I can totally understand why that must have been so taxing on you, I hope you feel a lot better now you're "out".

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What's the best thing we can do to look after our spines? What should we encourage in children to ensure the best possible outcomes for their spines while they grow?