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Chris...I read the book of Jurassic Park before I saw the movie and I have to say while I thought the movie was great and well-made, it lacked of lot of the grittiness and intense moments the books captured. Can we expect a reboot more towards the books in this movie?

Also...are you yourself a Lego master builder? If so, what set(s) are your favorite sets? Classic, modern, themed,etc?

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I watched your TED and enjoyed it greatly.

I am aware that there is a campaign to essentially subvert the process by which you crowdsource words by properly typing the obscured word and typing a vulgar / racist word for the other one. I was curious if you had heard of this effort, and if so if you had thoughts or a response to it.

Edit: please see Dongopolis's comment at the bottom for more information. I also would like to apologize for his comment.

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Hi Jim! Thank you for doing the AMA. I had a couple of questions:

  • Did you start from day one with Happy Bunny with the intent of growing the brand into a massive commercial success? Did someone see a sketch one day and tell you you had something that people would buy?

  • When I think of Happy Bunny I immediately think about walking into a Hot Topic in the last decade. How did the relationship with Hot Topic form and how do you feel about it in retrospect?

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All: Thanks for doing the AMA! I am eagerly awaiting my "BOXED IN" version of the game and will happily show it off at my local game store.

I have a few questions:

David - I love the style of the Wondermark strips in "Beards of our Forefathers" that came with my pledge for Machine of Death: TGCA. How much of your style originated out of Terry Gilliam's work? Have you considered or been approached to take your style and make full animations either on a episodic or short (tied to another live action sketch show or web short) basis?

Cherie - If you could pick one of your works to highlight and suggest for a new potential reader, which would it be?

Robert - Several of your works have been nominated for or have won awards. Which is your favorite and which would you most like to seen made into a feature film?

Others - Was the success you have seen from MOD expected when you joined the team? How has that success spilled over into your other projects (increased traffic, more sales, etc)?

Oh, and for anyone...if the Machine of Death existed, would you use it? Would using it change your life (would you go all "Torn Apart and Devoured by Lions" crazy?)

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Oh hi Kit! You know, I was wondering what happened to Rick after FUDGE...I both love and hate stories that end with teasers like that.