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If you could change 20,000 things about this world, what would they be?

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Was Nils Bohr a close friend of yours? BTW, I think your joke went over most people's head, probably including mine.

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This answer just leads me to a new question... What are pedal bins? I was hoping you would start with the 3rd thing you would change first, not 1 and 2.

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Like the rainforest that is quickly disappearing, it seems that internet freedom is also on the verge of collapse and that governments and corporations will fundamentally change how the internet will be used and who the internet will be given access to. The internet is the biggest tool we have to seek relevant information outside the conglomerate of media that is controlled by the few, giving us piecemeal of what seems like propaganda, either corporate, government or special interests. We, as the world's citizens need to defend against these erosion of internet freedom. Like the rainforest, we need to take active and monetary responsibility to save internet freedom from destruction and to prevent other future technology from being resigned to this same faith. What role are you as heads of reddit playing to save internet freedom?

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What you and the rest of your team does saved tens of thousands of American lives, so you've earned my respect. Keep up the great work!