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I think bashing religion (not believers) is a fun activity for the whole family

haha.. "make fun of people who think different and don't pick on people who share your beliefs".

Where did you learn to read?

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How much are the rates, generally?

bj ~$40 intercourse ~$70 anal (inc intercourse) ~$100

Do you think prostitution should be legalized?

Maybe. Although there would be less money in it if it was, so maybe not.

Prostitution is legal in Denmark. From some quick Googling, their rates start at $150 for the basic stuff and quickly go up. And of course, with it being legal, sex workers are a lot safer than they would have been if it was illegal.

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Translate it literally back to English.

Pour sur, je plannifique aller au France il prochain voyage que je voudrai prende!

For sure, I plan to go to France. It (he) [is the] next trip which I would like to take.

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How does it feel spending every working day of your life on something you know is completely futile?

Also, do you work for Flexera?

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You didn't answer the Flexera bit :P