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Is there a way I can get to write for Jenkem? I know it's a long shot... but I really love your magazine and really would love to be able to contribute to the skate community. I'm based in the UK.

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Do you acknowledge that there are any adverse effects from ganja consumption?

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I'm not that stupid mate.

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None? Really? Not even damage to the lungs after smoking?

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I have personally experienced cannabis users stating their mind is blanker, they are more forgetful, more easily agitated after using the drug for a prolonged period of time. They have also stated to me that it does not seem to alleviate. Also I have been told by users they find it harder to learn new things. My grandparents also come from the Caribbean and have too many stories of ones who have as they say have "lost their minds" because of marijuana. They absolutely refuse to touch the plant because of their experiences. Placebo? Or permanent affect of too many doobies?