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Hi Tim, I wanted to echo everyone's statement on how much your books (and podcast) have changed my life! Registered this account just so I can participate in this AMA.

So many questions, but in respect to yours and everyone's time, here's my most crucial one:

How do you maintain focus? The journey to free myself from the workplace and start my own muse project, is taking longer than I expected. Distractions, demanding work, family situations, and other side projects keeps demanding time away, and I have seen many of my friend's passion for the 4 hour workweek fall to the wayside due to exhaustion and/or losing focus. I am feeling the same after trying to build up my own side business for more than year while holding down a family and a full time job that requires me to keep updated to the latest technology (software engineer).

I know you are always juggling several projects in the air, so I wanted to ask, how do you do it? What is your trick of balancing between each project and how do you not let things fall to the wayside?

Thank you, for everything you have done. On top of your books, Josh's Art of Learning, and Ryan's The Obstacle is the Way has helped me through some very difficult and dark times. Both of which I found because of your podcast.