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Mark Sargeant seemed pretty tame, the guy who bounced golf balls on hammers seemed a little less tame, but were there any WAY OUT THERE personalities interviewed for this? I'd like to hear a story about them!

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I first saw the post, downloaded the book, posted a couple questions, then read the entire book. This book is on the same level as the "pickup artist" books/material. The book itself is prefaced with a "I'll state things in a matter of fact style even though they might not be fact" and snow balls from there. This book is a software engineer's rationalization of behaviors he's witnessed or experienced and decided to classify himself...with no real background to do so in the manner the book does. This is nothing more than his skewed perception of a mental health issue he has no real understanding of.

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I've found the writings of psychiatrists/psychologists to refer to it more as "psychopathy" and sociologists refer to it more as "sociopathy"...for what that's worth.

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I have been seeing the same psychiatrist since I was 18 (now 33), and in the last year he has brought to my attention that he's considered me to have psychopathic behaviors for quite some time now...I processed it later and kind of get his reasoning. On one hand I feel like I'm fine with it and should continue with his course of treatment/therapy...on the other I want a second opinion. You've said here a few times that identification takes time. Is a second opinion out of the question?

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