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This is not a competition.

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I agree without your last sentence. I also can understand how it can be mildly infuriating when you see people around you who have things they don't appreciate to the fullest or you might think they take for granted.


  1. Humans are creatures of habit. It takes a lot of reflection to appreciate the little things we take for granted everyday (e.g. eating, showering, etc.). I agree it would be ideal if everyone could find bliss in all those moments. Happiness would so much easier. But this is not human nature, at least not for most people. It's not a bad thing, just how it is.
  2. Suffering is real and relative to the individual. Just because a person is satisfied with a certain context or ability, doesn't mean everyone reacts the same way. You have to realize that it is possible for rich people to be depressed and for poor children in Africa to be happy. Even if a person had more luck than you had, that doesn't mean their suffering is not as real as yours. Be glad that you are strong instead of blaming others for whatever emotions they are going through.