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How would Heisenberg deal with James Franco's character in Why Him?

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It iz naht a dowg. It iz a fehret.

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I read this as Zoolander and now I'm disappointed. Can you post a picture of your best blue steel?

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When he punched you, did you see another life brotha?

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Eh, it depends on a bunch of factors. I had Comcast at an older apartment and rented their modem, and it sucked balls. I now have Comcast at a newer apartment and use my own higher end equipment and it's been rock solid, and my bill is pretty cheap for the speed I get. I also don't have a data cap (or if I do I never reach it), so I'm pretty happy at the moment. That being said, I would switch to something like Google Fiber in a heartbeat, as I am against telecom monopolies by principle.