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Wow, you got a lot of comments !

Indeed, I answered elsewhere, it was MacGyver.

It was his favorite show while he was growing up.

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Thank you.

It's just sad someone downvoted me. I guess it will fall in oblivion.

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Because I grew since then.

I agreed to join Frank in August of 2002. That was over 8 years ago. I grew a lot since.

It was my boyfriend's idea to put a summary at the end.

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Yeah, the upvotes followed soon after. Thanks for the clarification !

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From what you say, you were in no position to become a slave, and certainly not in such an extreme form.

My former therapist and my boyfriend are in full agreement with you. With time, I began to share their point of view.

But you have to understand that I was raised by a mother who taught me that you couldn't say no to your man even if he abused you.

Having a safe-word to rely on felt terribly safe and comforting compared to what I grew up in.

because they are not fully in their right mind to comprehend the gravity of such a choice. The same goes for someone in severe need of counseling.

I absolutely agree with you. I am guessing there is a reason why he chose to keep me isolated: so that I couldn't figure out all of this on my own.

In the end, I guess I was lucky he not only accepted I wanted to leave, but that he helped me gain independence.

The man you describe didn't care if you were in your right mind, didn't care about your mental state when you made what may well have been life-changing choices, and ultimately didn't seem to care about you as a person. All the person you describe seems to care about is possessing you, having someone to fill this role in his life.

Now I see that. Then, I felt so much loved and appreciated compared to how I was raised.

But I now see the differences between Frank and my boyfriend, who do love me.

In any sort of BDSM relationship, you absolutely need to have open lines of communication. The Master or Dominant absolutely needs to know if something is wrong with the slave or submissive, because it is their responsibility to see to it that this wrong is corrected or addressed.

I agree, and in his defense, he was like that in the beginning. After every session for I guess the first 8 to 10 months, we had lengthly discussions about my feelings and what I thought.

It's near the end that he seemed to lose focus of my importance and that it became frightening.

The 3 weeks blindfold occurred in the last few weeks and caused me to leave. Same thing with the no speaking rules.

All he seems to have been interested in doing was pushing you for the sake of pushing you.

That is quite possible. Perhaps he was just considerate in the beginning because he was afraid I would want to leave and slowly begun to care less and less about what I thought.

If you're sure a power exchange relationship just isn't for you

I didn't have any interests to do anything related to BDSM since I left him.

Thanks a lot for your long text. I wish someone in the dungeon would have explained it all to me before I accepted.

It would have enabled me to make a more informed decisions and if I would have said yes, to set clearer boundaries and get into a more sane relationship.