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What enticed you to get into being a pro wrestler? Did you watch this while growing up, and aspired to it?

By the way, although I am not a fan, I think you guys are all incredibly athletic. I was a dancer, and what you do appears to be on a similar plane. Except, you purposely bash each other up. We only did that on accident.

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It is very cool to see someone who followed their "dream", and was successful. And with success and following dreams, reality creeps in, with injuries and that such crap.

My kid does parkour and tricking. Have you seen any of this? I love the beauty of it, and the discipline involved. And he is pretty damned good. But, because it is a newer "sport", and they fly by the seat of their pants in regards to training... because it is not an organized sport, I worry about him spending so much time on it. Any thoughts?

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I am sorry you have had to deal with your douchey parents, but it seems like you have figured out a lot and make the best of things.

You said you identify as male, but that you prefer to be penetrated. Do you consider yourself gay? Bisexual? Anything else?

And, thanks for doing this AMA. We're all different. The more we talk about things honestly, the better we all feel about ourselves.

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Is this you? If so, just want you to know I like it.

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I would be very interested in hearing more about your trip through europe. And the gypsies. Definitely want stories about what it was like to hang out with a bunch of Romanian gypsies.