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PhD pharmacology here as well. Am I off base in being a bit skeptical of people saying that vaccines are the only long term play (e.g. Imperial college study). Chloroquine and Remdesivir look pretty promising. Couldn’t we use these prophylactically for at risk patients?

Also, thank you for doing an amazing job at this AMA!

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Thanks for doing an AMA. I haven't read a lot about your delivery system, but I'm a graduate student in drug discovery and I have a couple of scientific questions:

  1. What sort of immunoresponse have you seen in pre-clinical animal tox? It's pretty well known that injecting exogenous protein and protein conjugates can induce pretty vicious feedback mechanisms (cytokine storm, etc). Have you performed repeated dosing?

  2. I saw in another question that you're using mammalian cells. It seems odd that you'd need to jump straight to mammalian cells to express invertebrate protein. Did you try insect cells, e.g. sf9? The feedstock is usually much cheaper than mammalian cell culture media.

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Have you considered, oh I don't know, a touring bike? You've probably biked more miles than I've driven, so I guess I shouldn't criticize, but your choice of bikes seems a little bizarre to me.

Super inspiring. I don't think I could do it, but good for you.