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Chef, What happened to the steak? A few years back it was always a perfect medium rare and super fresh. Then it somehow got to be well done and almost chewy. I’ve noticed the change worldwide and not just at my local restaurant. You’re still easily my favorite fast food Mexican place (if I can’t find a local taco truck or something of course!), but what happened?

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May I ask what SA tools do you all use? I work on military-focused SA software. You guys have a very different mission than my customers and I’m just curious to see what the differences are.

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Thanks for the explanation! That sucks, but I’m glad it wasn’t just be being crazy.

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I lived for awhile in an area with a good number of Amish nearby. The photography rule, like most other rules, is highly dependent on the individual church. Each church makes their own rules for members to follow.

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What is the bottom of the totem pole for your industry?