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I was at Governor's Ball in 2016. I had gone the past two years and had an amazing experience. That year was different. That year it changed. The lineup was solid, but there were so many underage kids who didn't know how to handle their drugs. Fuck it, it's a festival I was a dumb kid once too. Then the rain came and the whole good time vibe and friendly community hit a hard record scratch. Everyone was running for the very limited amount of shade and kicking people out from underneath. People eventually started to leave and it was a mob. Pushing, shoving and then eventually the mob got more rabid and a semi organized line became a heap of people. Where was security? Nowhere. Just speeding through on golf carts trying to get out. So much shoving, pushing, kicking fighting, Just real apocalypse shit. That stays with you going from having a good time to watching everything turn to pure anarchy. I haven't gone since and I thought this year I might, but I couldn't. Glad to see I was wise to stay home. You as organizers fail to hold yourselves responsible and say it was out of your hands. There's plenty of people that will still go and should, but I won't be one of them because your piss poor handling of evacuating is somewhat of a horror story for me.

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What's the best way for someone with no internal connections to get their foot in the door of the film editing industry?