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Apparently if it's seen somewhere else for a lower price they can match it. I was experimenting with free sales on iBooks so they must have price matched it. Thanks to Reddit it was a good thing. An increased readership is much more valuable to a writer than a few dollars. :)

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A soldier from the year 2038 goes back to 1800 (The Old West) to find and protect an old book that will help save humanity. His team from the future lose track of him so he has to fend for himself.

EDIT: 1800's

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It was a total surprise. I checked the stats last week and for a second thought I'd sold 200 copies that day. I had actually 'sold' 200 free copies.

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They are great actually. You can get your book published within 12 hours, and the same goes for updates. Their new dashboard is also in real time and I haven't come across anyone else who can match all that. The price thing is a little inconvenient but I'm sure there's a way back. If not, then it's been a really useful way to get the book seen by thoudands more readers - which is all a writer wants (apart from cold hard cash!) ;)

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I am a computer programmer and game developer. I definitely still need my day job! :)