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I do not. It's too many tires and I don't give a damn.

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I guess in my hometown everybody recognizes me. People will come up and tell me that I look familiar and I'm very comfortable!

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  1. Normal penises absolutely do it for me! I like average over monster dick. I don't need a big dick!

  2. I mean, I like them to be groomed! Well-maintained.

  3. I really don't, it just depends on the day and the mood! Some days I want to get fucked really hard and some days I want to be romantic!

  4. I thought I had limits when I got in, but turns out I don't have as many things as I thought I did. I 100% have limits on my list but it's changed a lot!

  5. Oh yeah, way too much of it 💕

No worries! This is so fun!

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I probably would have continued on the veterinarian path! I wanted to be a vet that did my own surgeries!

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Usually there is coffee on set, thank god! I love Coffee Bean!