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I work at Mercedes HPP in Brixworth - the motorsport powertrain facility supplying the PUs for F1, FE, and X1). We operate 100% indepdently of the Mercedes Benz road car company. The only part of our facility that even communicates directly with MB is the Project 1 team, which coordinates with Daimler AMG in Germany on the integration of the PU with the chassis team.

Lewis is incredible but we work hard too! I like to think we make a good team. And of course the F1 chassis team operates separately from the PU team (us), but we work more closely with Brackley than with Williams or RPF1!

Proof (taken during team celebrations at HPP after we won our 6th championship last year): https://i.imgur.com/IopoOUR.jpg /

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Will you allow/do you want your children to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Buffy helped me through so much, and I believe it taught me more than my parents did. It taught me so much about the realities of growing up and letting go. It taught me how to keep things in perspective and always remember what’s really important. And most importantly, it taught me about me – I’m not done yet either. I’m cookie dough too.

Honestly, I never thought a tv show could have such a profound effect on me. I’m not sure how, but Buffy flipped a switch inside of me. I know it sounds grossly dramatic, but it’s like I didn’t ever really feel things before I watched BtVS. It tapped into the emotional part of me and turned it on, and I am a much better person for it. I will never be the same.

So, in closing, thank you. Thank you for what you did for me and all the other fans out there. You gave us something truly incredible.

P.S. I took the Buzzfeed “Which Joss Whedon Heroine Are You?” and I got Buffy. Can we be best friends now?

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I’m not sure I’d be allowed to! I’d have to ask HR haha!

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Love to meet a fellow mutant. The few but proud :)

But I'm also scared that I'm not in a good enough state to have kids. My hips can subluxate from certain sex positions, I can't even imagine what having kids would do to me haha! Would probably have to do cesarean, but my skin is in such a bad state as well, I'd have a gnarly scar haha. And my doctor said with my borderline mixed condition, I might have trouble conceiving. Just a cocktail of problems there haha! Of course having kids naturally would be wonderful, but there are kids already in the world who need love too :) for the next 5 years though, I'll stick with my cat. He's the best baby for me at the moment!

and here he is, my little cutie!

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Hey! 23 year old girl here with EDS type 3! I got it from a one in a million chance random mutation though, no one in my family has ever had it despite lots of testing. Anyway, thanks for representing your fellow Zebras during EDS awareness month! :)

So my response doesn't get deleted, I guess my question is: do you plan to have kids? I am going to pass on children because I'm scared to pass it on to my children, so I'll probably adopt.