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Just wanted to put this somewhere!

To any reading because they're interested in adult films as a profession, please do not use this as an authoritative source of info about the industry!

Last time there was an AMA with an adult film star, I remember a fairly high up comment that struck me. It pointed out how these AMAs more than likely sugarcoat a lot of stuff about the industry, and their own experiences. Keep in mind that this is their job, and that they are trying to attract business/pay fan service, so not everything said may be the whole answer!

Please note that this isn't meant to disrespect OP; it's her job and the AMA is delightful! But please do more research and take what's said in AMAs like this with a grain of salt if you want to make this a career.

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I think they were hitting on athennna, actually. But I, too, wish that the Google Maps folks would hit on me.

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What if you like foxes more than pokemon?

Most compelling, thought provoking part of the answer.

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I was really hoping that this had been Boromir-ized.

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Shhh. He was looking forward to his moment to complain about Jersey Shore!