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This is part of my real problem with insurance companies: how is this unknown person in an office, with no medical background at all, telling you a procedure/test/or blood work that your doctor ordered, is not necessary even allowed? How is that not considered practicing medicine without a license?

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About 20 years ago, I read an interview with Tom Lehrer and they asked him if he would be writing more songs, and he said the world was too satirical to write satire about it, yet you said (in another answer) that it’s still viable.

How do you do that? How do you hold on to the sense of absurd in an absurd world?

I admire all the people trying to make us laugh during a time when crying seems to be the only legitimate response, so, thanks I guess...

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The problem with cataract surgery for a baby, as it was explained to us, was that the eyeball continues to grow, so a permanent lens transplant is not an option. The other poster pointed out that parents would be left with the task of changing a baby's contact lens; I can't imagine that would be easy.

Our daughter had cataracts at birth but they weren't causing major visual problems, so we and her surgeon opted to wait until her eyeball growth was nearly complete. We would have liked to wait until she was 12 , but they became a visual impairment and the surgery was done when she was eight.

So, to answer your question for our child, it was never the anesthesia that was the problem; it was the mechanics of placing a permanent lens on a growing eye.

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That's interesting. It seems that unlike adult contact lens wearers who must change/clean contacts daily, your niece must be able to wear them much longer. I can't imagine a doctor changing them daily or even weekly! How often are they changed?

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My daughter’s chromosomal defect can be congenital, and our social worker at the Regional Center (California) told us our non-affected daughter would be able to get genetic testing for free if/when she decides to have children. IVF isn’t always covered by insurance; do you know if this will be available for your daughter when she is older?