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Hi Tory! Thank you for taking the time to be with us today!

What kind of milk do you drink? 2%, 1%, Whole, Chocolate, Milk Alternative?

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Since they likely won't respond, here's your financial coach white knight:

Contribute to the federal maximum (currently $18500) every year in your 401K. Invest in Target Retirement Fund or 3 fund lazy approach. If not offered, look for low expense ratios. If you can't max out yearly, at least contribute up to the company match percentage if applicable.

For fraud, don't be a dumbass and go to shady website with credit card in hand. In cases where it's out of your control (bank data compromised) monitor your bank transactions with Mint.com and catch fraud before it gets out of hand. For credit report fraud, use creditkarma to monitor changes and new credit accounts opened.

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How much net profits are you pulling in now since you essentially went from $0 to profitable?

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How common is it for dancers to get breast implants?

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With your great success helping others get dates and into relationships, how is your dating life going?