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It seems like the ghost left sometime earlier this year, because it stopped happening maybe around January or February.

The consensus winner in my household was [Whales vocalizing].

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In Moving Art Season 1 on Netflix, subtitles would randomly appear. Things like "[Birds Chirping]" would just show up on the screen seemingly without any rhyme or reason - and I didn't have subtitles turned on. Two questions:

1) What was that about?

2) What was your favorite random subtitle?

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Can I be in the club too? Though, I feel like an underachiever with just 12 dislocations.

Also pigeon toed when I was born, but I had corrective braces for a year that straightened them out. I was told my grove was shallow and my alignment was off.

Surgery was almost twenty years ago now. They put a screw in below my kneecap, loosened the inside ligament to relieve the outward pressure and tightened the outside ligament to add more stability. they also moved a muscle a couple centimeters for alignment.

To answer your other question - it was always a jarring hit to my leg that made my patella slip out. Rollerblading and getting caught in a crack while turning, landing on it funny while playing soccer, jumping into a pool. Basically anything that put too much weight on the inside of my leg.

Okay, I'm going to stop now. I'm getting cold shivers remembering all of this.