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Do you enjoy the texture of cheez ballz, I love to squish them in my mouth. Wats your take on oatmeal, olives, and sex. Not necessarily together but they can be together if you would like I guess?

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Do you think their temperment often goes against their long term goals. They meddle and play alot do you think that will cause retalliation eventually?

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I adore them too but I am weird about my hands getting dirty so I have to buy a 10 dollar box of gloves for my 5 dollar drum of cheeze ballz, I despize olives but they are very interesting in texture especially when you bite them. Thank you for your reply!

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I do exercises to help me visualize things example tying 2 pieces of string into a certain kind of knot, it is also really helpful in dealing with abstract concepts. Are there any exercises that you have tried to improve or create visual memory? How did this affect your study habits in school and now?